Water Table Drain Plug Leaks

I just added water to the table and discovered that I had not tightened all of the sealing sheet metal screws. After removing the slats and the slat holders, I did tighten the screws and it appears that I have no leaks from those pan holddown screws.

However, I also have leakage at the drain plug. It does not appear to be the large nut holding the brass drain plug, but the drain plug insert that blocks drainage from the pan. Is there supposed to be a washer for this drain plug other than the one inserted from the top of the table?

Or, should I use some type of liquid sealant or plumbers white tape?

Do you have the rubber o ring seal installed between the inside bottom of the pan and the bronze fitting?

Or is it the male threaded plug thats leaking?

I just used a little bit of teflon tape and it sealed up great

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It’s the male threaded plug.

Thanks for the reply.