Water table drain adapter and plug

Since I went with a different anode I simplified the drain design a bit. I used a 1/4 ball valve ($7), 1.5" brass NPT extension ($4) and a plastic 1/4NPT to 3/8 barbed fitting ($1) with some 3/8 ID plastic hose ($5) as a drain line. So all in I was around $16 for parts to make the drain line.


For the anode, I used a trim tab anode from the same company (Martyr, CMBNT1AA) that weighs 3.5 times what the one that comes with the table does so it should last 3k-4k hours. It was $13 at West Marine. I attached it with some copper wire, a self tapping screw and an alligator clip only as a backup to maintain continuity as the tank gets dirty.

Since getting all the parts for my water table has become a major PITA, and 3 shipments later is still ongoing, I still can’t test anything. However, there is no reason why this wouldn’t work as well and for considerably longer then the factory anode while allowing you to use less expensive components for the drain setup.


Stay away from Antifreeze…
Just mix washing soda in your water. Keep the PH HIGH!! Above 7 and closer to 9 high alkali too

Ez & cheap.
And your steel won’t rust
Tried & true proven by the BOILER INDUSTRY ALREADY.

GREAT idea!! I may do that when I get my table going. Thanks for the tip.

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This might be a dumb question, but what’s the purpose of the anode in the pan do?

Corrosion eats away at the anode instead of the pan & slats. If you drain your pan between uses it’s not really doing much but if you leave it filled then the water will corrode the metal components of the water table. The dissimilar metals helps make it corrode faster. The anode corrodes too but quicker than the pan so the pan won’t corrode until the anode is eaten away. That’s why it’s “sacrificial” - you let the cheap anode get eaten away so the expensive table doesn’t.

Thanks for the idea!

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Thanks for the info James. Where would one get a replacement anode?

You should have an extra one with your Crossfire. After that you can get replacements from Langmuir. You can also get generic sacrificial anodes from a marine supplier like West’s Marine.

Glad you like it!

How much soda should I use to a table full

I use pool test strips to check it
When I clean and refill
I think it about 7 gallons.??? To fill it

anyway I just put about maybe 2 cups in the firsts 5 gallon bucket get the water level where I want it then check it with the strips.

I also use a little Alkalinity increaser. And some Algecide. Algecide helps keep water cleaner

All this I have on hand anyway for my pool.
Water stays clearer and nothing rusts.

Have to top it up about once a week due to evaporation.


What Zinc anode? Is this something that comes with the table that I missed?

The zinc anode only comes with the aluminum water table. It’s not needed for the stainless water table.

Scared me there for a minute thinking I got some bad Stainless