Water table and slats

anyone with a aluminum water table tell me how far you slats are above edge of water table please.I have the SS water table and my slats sit over 1/4" above the edge of the table. for peak performance of a water table the metal your cutting should almost be touching the water. the way this is setup currently the water will be 3/4 to 1" away from the metal being cut.

About the same. You can always put shorter slats in to get the material bottom below the edge of the water table and touching the water if needed.

It’s nice to have the slats above the water table so you can use bigger/longer pieces of material, which gives the option for a project to be bigger then the cutting area of the machine by indexing it.

i got my stainless steel water table and put the slates in (steel ones) that came with crossfire… they sit below the table edges and fit really rough, i had to beat some of them into the holders… kinda disappointed. I am going to get some stainless ones to put in there and clean up all the holes on the slate holders