Water Table Additive

Do I need an additive for the water table and/or what is the best practice for water table use?

Thank You

NTKI…welcome to the forum. If you do a search for ‘plasma quench’ a number of posts will come up.

I’ve been using borax laundry powder. It has a stable ph and keeps the water fairly clean. You can usually find it in the grocery store or discount retailer.

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I also have used borax since I got the table. I used the pool chemical strips to periodically make sure ph is above 9.4. Have a holding tank with pump and store water in it when not constantly using the table. Also cut a drain cover with filtration to remove some of the larger crap and works pretty well to keep pump from fouling. Would not pay the crazy prices for the special stuff.


What ratio do you use with the borax?

start with 1/2 cup for 5 gal water and check ph.

Thanks will do👍

I’ve been using Plasma W.T. in my table, seemed to be fairly affordable (5 gal. $110.00 w/tax and freight)