Water pan question

What is the gauge thickness of the water pan material?

I think it is 24 or 22ga stainless 202 2B

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Really? That thin?

maybe 20 GA? but it feels thinner then that. I can mic it the next time i am in the shop.

What are your plans?

Weld together or rebuilding as a single piece.

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regardless if it is 24,22,or 20 GA you’ll likely be autogenous welding . if you need filler use 309.

If it were me I d go 18 - 16 GA for a single pan because it doesn’t have the benefit of a seam down the middle to keep it ridgid.

I installed my pan the way Langmuir states in the instructions and I’ve never had a issue .

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Mine leaked multiple times and I am considering rebuilding with a single piece. Just looking at the most cost effective solution. I tried to weld it but messed it up.

where did it leak for you ? on the seams, corners and/or or mounting screws?

use a air gun from the bottom side when the pan is full and sometime you can locate a leak.

I do plan on building a one piece pan that is deeper soon so I can do submerged stainless steel cutting. Right now I slowly pour a bucket of water on the sheet as I am cutting.

We make quite a bit of Stainless counter top so fabbing a pan is going to be a breeze. I would call a couple local sheet metal shops maybe they’ll be able to help you out.

Seams, I don’t know the cost of a replacement stock pan but I can get 18ga 4’x10’ for $250, but I can expect a replacement to be around the same price.

I tried several sealing methods and had leaks. In hindsight, I may have overtightened and squeezed out too much of the sealer, but not sure. Leaks seemed to be at/near the bolt locations each time.

Anyway, about three weeks ago when the 3rd small leak surfaced, I decided to weld it. Fusion (no filler metal) only TIG. Before I welded, I used a 4.5" cutoff wheel and cut out the u-shaped notches where the bolts went through to clamp while sealer dried. It was too hard to get the electrode in those areas and get a good weld.

Two weeks and no leaks! I’m happy. BTW, I am a terrible TIG welder so if I can do it, anybody can.

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I wish Langmuir would offer this as an optional upgrade, with a better centralized drainage system.

I welded my halves together from the get go, and then welded 90 degree tabs on the bottom to sheet metal screw into the frame, vs going through the bottom of the table (covered those up with some small SS square tabs). Still get some drips from time to time, but not from the seam.