Water level not high enough

I can only get my water level to about 1/2 below slats, any further the water runs out the pan joints. Do you guys fill the gaps with sealant or did I do something wrong?

Your water level looks similar to mine. The only difference I see is it looks like you wiped the sealant off the joint while it was still wet. I let it completely cure then just trimmed it off with a razor blade.

I made my first cut the other day with no problems. If I am correct the water level should not need to be to the top of the slats

The slats are meant to be taller than the water table so you can have sheets hang off the edges. Your water level is totally normal.

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Is there ever a case where you want the bottom side of the sheet being cut touching the water for cooling purposes?

I cut a 1/4 off all my slats so 16 ga doesn’t warp and the water can touch the bottom of the plate. If I cut anything bigger then the table I just cut some slats that will cross into these one (making a square) and they sit up 1/4". Works good and no warpage on thin stuff.

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