Warning: Setup3: No model selected. All models/solids will be used

New to Confusion 360 and laying out my first project. Using tutorials but getting a warning. Not sure what the problem is because I’m following the steps and video is not getting a flag. Any ideas what is causing and how to correct?

Welcome to The forum.

Being a new user you’ll have to comment and look around the site some more before you can upload a file.
But when you do have that ability export and post your f3d file and I can have a look at what settings causing this error.

When you’re in your 2D profile menu what are you selecting as far as geometry goes in the second tab? This error seems to be related with whichever geometry was selected.

What did you select as model in the setup page? When defining setup 3?

This is likely the root of your issue

Will take a gander when I get back in front of computer.

TW, thanks for your contributions to this forum. Support and videos are much appreciated!


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I went back and reviewed my notes. Apparently I missed a step in the Manufacturing process. Started over and the Warning! icon was no longer present.

Just getting my head around the work flow. Was the same learning PhotoShop. Soooo confusing at first. After a couple billion hours of YouTube tutorials on one screen and working thru the process on another, started coming together. Would have been sooo much easier to just pay someone with a Crossfire in their garage a few bucks to cut out sketches…but…what fun is that…?

Thanks again for the reply Tin man. Clinging to a Fusion life preserver here from the short bus.


Awesome you’re able to clear your issue.

I did start a little bit of a tutorial video series.

Also if you search the word " loom" with the magnifying glass up above I’ve done quite a few silent films to help users through their specific issues over the last few months that should come up.

The time you’re spending with fusion 360 is well worth it. I can’t see any other outcome but fusion 360 basically taking control of all the design, Cad and cam for everything manufacturing related.

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Yes, I’ve checked out your videos. Thanks for posting. Obviously, things become easier the more one becomes emersed in 360. Staring out, it is a daunting experience. Sure many here have had the same frustration.
Oh, and you were correct in the above diagnosis was correct. Somehow skipped that clicker and thought I had my bases covered. Repetition is the mother of learning.