Waiting for my Pro

Does anyone know what order # they are on? I am supposed to have a February ship date.

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I am in March. I don’t know that they gave me an order number?

I was 18970 when I ordered back in mid oct, first box shipped in Dec, which is what they said when I ordered, final box arrived mid-Jan, right at 3 months.

The waiting is tough, but I spent a bunch of it surfing this forum and had really good results with assembly & learning the cad/cam process.

Your order number is in the conformation email you got when you placed your order

I was 18687 recieved mine 1st week of January.

tic…tic…tic…tic…tic…you should have tried being in the first batch…and waiting for it…and living in Canada…and having delivery start when Covid hit…you have nothing on me for waiting…

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I see said the blind man to the deaf child. It’s 22136. I will say this I’m in no hurry. Because I have not a clue as to what I’m doing when it comes to getting this thing putting it together and use it. It’s going to be a fun learning experience :slight_smile: or it’s going to be my worst nightmare :slight_smile: I’m thinking former. Trying to think positive.

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Asume its your worst nightmare, then you wake up from it and have tons of fun making things :slight_smile:

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just take your time…do not try to rush through it and get it done in one day…
make sure you have a level are with plenty of space…
have a good bench to lay out all the parts…
double check all your parts for damage or missing…if missing check the forum…sometimes certain bags are not included as they made a change in manufacturing.
if something is damaged…contact support at Langmuir by email…they are real good at sorting out problems.
read through each section of the instructions 2 times before attempting each section…
do not over load the bearings…you will understand later…
always make sure your gantries glide smooth at each step…if something is not smooth…go back a step…
read…forums…read forums…ask questions with as much information as you can provide…system…software you are using…plasma and table types…

there is a wealth of information here and a lot of people wanting to help

most of all…enjoy learning it…and have a drink of choice on hand at all times


Thank you so much sir! That’s kind of strange at kind of brought a peace to my mind :slight_smile: seriously. I planned on laying out some table and laying all the parts out on them. Definitely going to be level. And space is a premium in my shop so that will definitely be something I will have to work around. But I think I’m rolling everything out of the shop when I’m putting it together. Thank you so much sir​:cowboy_hat_face:

toolboy nailed it in all regards, but read twice is really important.

The bearings are critical too, they should just touch, and need to be re-adjusted at every stage until you’re all done, then maybe one more time just to be sure. Following that advice from the forums mine worked first time.

I had a welding table I was able to use for assembly, which made it really easy as it just cleared the gussets, so I was able to do all of it on the table, on wheels, so I could get easy access all around. Being able to put the long sides on the table, with the ends hanging off made everything easy. I had all the parts laid out on a bench beside where I was assembling.

I was able to do it in one day, but that was a solid day of work, and just assembly. I stopped for beer and decided I’d wait until the next day to attempt movement & fire. It took most of that next day to get to where I could cut the drain holes bigger to fit bar sink drains (as many here have done) That was mostly me learning the cad/cam for real after practicing a bit while waiting. (Librecad and sheetcam)

I did a couple extra checks on the lead screws after reading some problem posts here. I checked that the 1/4" end was exactly 1/4" and that the lead nuts moved smoothly all the way across. Mine were fine, I think they may have implemented some more QA before shipping.


I did that (except I laid everything out on the garage floor). I put the fastener bags in order so they were easier to pick out. There are a couple that are not numbered or in with all the rest - they’re in the THC box if you got that.

Something else you may be able to do while you wait is play with the software you plan on using. This was/ is a big learning curve for me and if I can sort it out now it’s one less hurdle to cross (hopefully) once my table gets here. Also I’m growing through the whole process (cad,cam,nesting, resizing,etc) all the way up to where I would load to firecontrol (can’t do this step due to no machine yet) Hoping I can sort out my issues with drawing and CAM now.

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I’m order number 19884 and two boxes have shipped the third box (the table) has yet to ship. Waiting sucks.

I’m #19948 and my 3rd and final box shows to be delivered tomorrow. I placed my order beginning of November. They told me the end of January and here we are.

My order # is 19988 I ordered my pro Nov 12th. I have received water table and electronics. Waiting on table and plasma cutter.

I just received box 2 of 3 yesterday, received box 3 of 3 week and half back . Just waiting for final box now. I ordered crossfire pro November 6.

I ordered mine nov 20. Waiting on the frame. Tired of waiting

Just got email from Langmuir , my final box is on its way today( 1 of 3 ).
Yours should be shipping soon Jeffrey…

Hi. My shipment is for February as well. Orderd in December, with one box pending. I noticed the Free Trial is only for a limited time, so I’m waiting for my last box, before uploading the software.