Vipercut 30i torch wiring

Hi. I really thought i seen a post on the viper cut 30i torch fire wiring. Cant seem to find it. Anyone with any info? Thanks in Advance. Sorry disregard. I found it.

I explain it in here


I posted something put I was able to get it working

Thank you for the video. Even I can understand it . Very well done sir!

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Here ya go wwatson. enjoy

I must have a different series of the Viper Cut 30i. My gun does not have the EURO plug and is hard plumbed into the inside. I do see one small red wire that comes from the gun out of the sleeve and into the unit. It then goes to a wire nut where they put another wire of each up to the Ground side of the unit on the circuit board with a Screw down nut.

I’m not seeing the second wire. If it is there, it is hard to find.

The red wire is positive. You also need the negative wire that goes to the electrode.

I’m so new at this, Thank you for the correction. Yes, red to the Positive side for the clamp on my machine. Trouble finding the Black that goes to the Negative on the Torch. I will keep poking around. I know it is not rocket science, but when you in unfamiliar territory I just wanted to make sure I do not ruin my unit.

If there is not a large black wire coming out of the torch cable then it would inside the air line. so the connector were the airline hooks up inside the plasma cutter it would have a wire there.

Also the torch trigger wires are the two small wires.

Thank you for the advice. Looking into the airline side created an opportunity to find a very very small black wire I found in the assembly on the bottom of the unit coming in and was SUPER HARD to see and Hidden. Ended up following it up to a two Wire white snap-on Board plug and found that is where the Torch hook-up was. Did the Continuity test on the Gun and that was it. Spliced in with the adapter kit and Boom we are good to go. I just was a bit nervous tearing into a Brand new unit right out of the box and not having a Clue what I was doing. Was not a comfort zone for me.