Vipercut 30i torch shorted out?

Have been running my Vipercut 30i plasma on my crossfire table for a few months now and today after cutting a few projects my torch quit firing and i smelled burnt wire. Pulled my torch apart and found this! Anyone have this issue as well or know what caused it? Probably got water in it but seems weird that it was fine for so long with the table. Also wondering if anyone knows where to get replacement parts or a new new torch, recommendations? Thanks everyone!

If you need one this one on ebay should work for you

Did u ever find out anything? I had the same problem today.

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Torch stopped firing today during a cut. Opened the touch up and found my torch in the same condition. Anyone find replacement parts or did you end up replacing the entire torch?

I contacted razorweld and they sold me the parts to fix it. Here’s a new post I had started and got good info

So I have the same issue. It looks just like your image. Did you replace it and if so how has it held up? I had just cut a 16 black iron part at 80 ipm at 30 amps. It finished the part. I set up for the next one and I saw smoke from the trigger. I only have about 2 hours of cutting time on it. I would rather buy something that will hold up.
Ps I did see a bit of contact when the metal warped but it wasn’t for long. The small wire is like a fuse. Maybe it should be an easy to replace item.

I have copied George on this post…he is the plasma parts guy around here…

as for the damage…how long is your post flow cooling air run for?
I have seen a lot of people have only 10 seconds of cooling time…air is relatively cheap compared to burnt tips and blown torches…I run 30 seconds at all times for post flow…

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Yep sounds like your going to need a new torch head and handle. If the torch’s were real Trafimet S45 torch’s people would have less trouble with them.

I just ordered a torch head (the handle seems fine) for the Vipercut 30i from First Industrial Supply using the part numbers from Jasic/Razorweld. I wish the parts for these things were easier to find. What’s the difference and compatibility between the TRF45 RWPF0125 and the Trfimet S45?

The torch you have is a asian mixed breed. They use it in place of the S45 and the PT/IPT 40/60 torch’s.

I carry every thing in stock for the S45 and PT/IPT 40/60 torch’s.

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I just ordered the x45 from Langmuir. Was that a bad idea?

All of this is so confusing. If these were car parts I’d have no trouble.

You only have a 30 amp plasma cutter so why order a 45 amp torch? Actually its a 70 amp torch.

Because they recommended it in the first part of this thread.

That torch only has one cutting tip and that is 1.0mm/50 amp. Its not going to give you very good fine cuts with a .040" orifice hole. Big difference between a 0.8mm/30 amp tip with a .029" orifice hole.