Vipercut 30i consumables

Just went to look at the consumables on this unit. Torch is j45xc-4 however the electrodes are smooth bore not threaded on one end and the nozzle is different than the normal consumables i was sent. Does anyone have an idea where to purchase these? The original vendor cannot source them.

Got this from Razorweld. They said new torch is design so you cant use cheap consumables and ruin the torch.

What consumables do you need? I have most of them in stock.

Don’t tell me Razorweld is changing torch’s again. Those look like the consumables that is on the Harbor Freight Titanium 45

Did you ever find consumables for the j45xc-4

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Because Razorweld has changed torch’s about 4 or 5 times over the years, your best bet is post pictures of what your looking for.

Yep that’s what they look like

I am guessing that Razorweld wants to sell plasma cutters and the torch’s they were using they can’t get because of the virus lock downs. So they are getting what ever torch’s they can get from every were in China that will make them or has them.

This is going to make buyers have to search for consumables or get them from Razorweld if they even have them.

So has anyone figured out where to get the consumables for the J45XC torch yet?

Contact Razorweld, they sell the torch they “should have” consumables to fit it.

Found them from a couple places.

I’ve used Tptools a lot but have never heard of the second company.

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Thank you for sharing this. I just ordered a new torch head and consumables from First Industrial Supply. The other vendor had a torch head but the part number was different. I wish this wasn’t so confusing.