Vipercut 30 starts cutting and stops arc after few lines

What would he the reason for the plasma to stop cutting mid run? Plenty of air. Air keeps going through the system but doesnt finish the cut.

Can it be that my Mach3 is in demo mode? Bad electrode? Bad tip?

Do you have the FULL version of Mach3 or the 500 line trial version?
Is Mach3 set to milliseconds or seconds?

I have the Demo but the part is fairly small

I had a similar issue in the beginning and it turned out that I didn’t have the ground attached good.

Does the crossfire keep moving but the torch stops firing? Or the table and the torch stops?

The torch keeps moving and passing air but no fire

The time before last i used my table it cut perfect, never missed a beat. The last time i used it I ruined 2 2x2 peice2 of metal. My torch would fire cut some parts great then start and quit cutting but keep moving with air on till it went through that area it was cutting. Fire up cut a bit then quit cutting but keep moving with air still on. Is that what your experiencing?

Yes I think so. It jeeps moving with the air still on. Ordered new electrode. Mine seems burned. Maybe that’s the issue

My issue ended up being the gantry the torch is on got out of square. I set with thin shim and when it got aways the distance was to great antd the torch went out, then it was to close and fried a tip when it hit. I see you have a training wheel on yours. Check to make sure your slats are all even and make sure no metal leavings are on top of any slats holding your metal up in a place or 2. I have had that happen also.

Electrodes need to be changed out when the hole

in the end is about 1/16" deep.

Mine is definately in between change it and 2 late. I’ll start there.

If it gets to 2 late, you will need to change out the swirl ring as well as it will be damaged, even if it looks good. The extreme heat will cause the swirl ring and air holes in it to deform and cause cutting troubles even with new consumables.