Viper 30i torch

ok, so i have said cutter and OG table running mach 3, but due to circumstances just haven’t been able to run it yet. very confused on which torch i actually have. langmiur site says S45, another post says ipt40 and one says tecmo.? tia for any clarification so i can order consumables, as i KNOW that i will screw up something soon


Post a picture of the torch and consumables you have. I will then let you know what torch you have and what consumables it will take.

DSCF3409 DSCF3408 DSCF3407

do these help?

Yes, That is a copy of the Trafimet S45 torch and uses the S45 consumables. Use the 0.6mm/ 20 amp or 0.8mm/30 amp consumables.

thanks, can you supply when i need them?

Yes, just send me a email of what you need.

ok thanks, will be a while, as no heat in shop, and 10" of snow!