Vertical text in fusion

Is there a way to do vertical text with the text tool?
I did not see any way to do it.

Rotate 90 degrees???

Ah, I just realized you want the letters vertical AND the text to read vertical. Sorry…

In VCarve you can make a type of Text bounded by a box, if the width is limited to one character, the text will reflow to be what you want. Maybe there is something like this in Fusion?


I am still very new to fusion but I will take a look
Thanks Tom

I did see this which will do what you want, maybe not as conveniently though…

And, of course, you can do it in Inkscape by making a text object and then hitting CR after each character. Use Center alignment and all the letters will be aligned vertically. Export to SVG and you can insert into Fusion.

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I saw that, But I gave up. I can’t even keep up with Tin and he goes pretty slow and speaks English!
I know nothing about Inkscape.
I am going to keep playing around I just thought someone else had ran across this.

Well, if you PM me the text and tell me the font, I’ll do it in Inkscape or VCarve for you. You’ll be able to scale it, but not edit the text if you go that route.

I forgot to mention in my note above, the text, once it looks the way you want, should be converted to path to get a portable set of vectors.


I played around some more and may just change the design to something I can do with out help.
I am not sure I would be able to make what you do for me work do to my lack of skill with fusion.

I do appreciate your help though, Thank you