Vcarve Pro design software use

is anyone useing Vcarve Pro for design software, and if so what do you export your file as to allow Mach 3 to perform the cut… in fusion it generates a gcode after you select the cuts, in Vcarve it allows you to selcet the post processor, none of which show a Mach3.tap as an option.
any ideas? just want to use a software that ive paid good money for and am familar with to design my cuts.

Yup I use vcarve pro and Aspire every day.
What you need is sheetcam.

You use vcarve pro and export the file as a svg.
Import the svg file into sheetcam and it gives you the gcode.

Sheetcam is awesome and no issues like 360. I mean try it once and you will be thrilled with the results. All these 360 issues are gone!

Try it I promise you will love it!

Vcarve pro + sheetcam …liven the happy life

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Thanks will do, I’ve been using vcarve for two years now with my xcarve router and the laser attachment… will set it up next weekend, ( work gets in the way of my true fun)

Dumb question - I see that sheetcam is a UK company, however MakeCNC has a similar named software. Is it the same or is there a recommended place to get sheetcam?