Validation error - no program speed found

I created a small .crv file in Vectric Vcarve pro and saved it for future mods if necessary
then through Vcarve pro I exported that .crv file to a .dxf file
then used other software to check the file for operation which was all good
my post processor in other software was already set up for the Langmuir Crossfire V1.6 (the latest version)
ran the post processor which created the .tap file (which is the gcode file to run on the Langmuir crossfire plasma cutter which uses Firecontrol software)
I connected to my Langmuir Firecontrol program and tried to open my file which is a .tap file and the following message appeared

Validation error
no program speed found
This program will not be loaded. Please make sure you are using the latest Langmuir systems approved post processor

now here is the weird thing: The icon picture for the xxxxx.tap is an OPENBUILDS emblem

This has happened to me in the past, I could never get an answer from Openbuilds why this happened with Langmuir or other software. it must be a glitch in the software. nothing was ever done about it. !!!

For your info I have the Openbuilds software controlling my Openbuilds brand wood carving/cutting machine which is working great, I also have a CO2 laser using other laser software which also works great. I also have a 3D printer and their processed and saved files also use the openbuilds icon for the Gcode

It would appear to me that the problem is no option in changing post processor

I’m not a computer nerd and struggle at times with the frustration and lack of knowledge. If it were not for youtube university I would have quit this hobby long ago.

I will post this on the following forums so others can learn from this:
openbuilds forum
other software forum
Langmuir forum
Vectric Vcarve forum

I have purchased licenses for all the software I use. no glitches because of unlicensed software.

my computer software spell check somehow changed the wording from sheetcam software to other software . the third line in first paragraph should read " then used Sheetcam software to check the file for operation …etc.

WHICH ‘other’ software? There is no post processor for FireControl from VCarve Pro.

There is only Fusion 360 and SheetCam. Both of these work with FireControl given a proper design file.

EDIT: seeing your second post, I see you’re using SheetCam. Which version and which version post processor are you using?

Post your Job file or, at least, your tool settings.

Post the first 100lines of your .tap file.

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Openbuilds software is not used in any workflow sending data to a FireControl system. Why have you mentioned this???

FWIW, if I had a design in VCarve that I wanted to cut on my CrossFire system, I’d select all the relevant vectors in VCarve, Export to an SVG file, import this SVG file into SheetCam, create your toolpath operations in SheetCam and then Post Process to create the .tap file for your CrossFire system. No other software is needed in this workflow.

However, you do need a current version of SheetCam and the latest version of FireControl post processor installed in SheetCam for this to work.

Finally, the only forum that you can count on for help in this instance is this forum.

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The Openbuilds icon thing is easy to explain. When you install a program that reads a certain type of file, in this case .tap files, that program will set itself as the default reader for that type of file. That is the reason that the Openbuilds icon shows next to the file in the Windows File Explorer. If you double click the file, it will open in the Openbuilds software, but you can load the file in any software that can use it.

For example, I use Cura to slice 3d models for printing. Cura has designated itself as the default reader for .stl files, so every .stl file on my computer has the Cura logo next to it in the file folder. That doesn’t mean Cura created the file, it just means that Cura is the default program to open that file. In fact, G-code files created by Cura do not have the Cura icon next to them, because Cura can’t open or run G-code.

In the case of your “no program speed found” error, that is an error that you created by not doing something correct in Sheetcam. If you open your .tap file in Notepad, you can copy and paste some of the code here and we can tell you what the problem is.

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Shawn, from Openbuilds, replied to my post about the Openbuilds icon and respectfully told me how to correct the windows association and how to change it so that part has been answered.
Les Newell from Sheetcam gave me the answer to correct the validation error and the problem was that I had not completed the CAM portion for the cuts, so that answered that problem and the file works.
This is a learning process for me and since I like to provide feedback for any of my questions I ask on forums I hope some of my naive questions help other newbies if they read my posts
Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. I learned something from your last post as well.
All good information.