Validation Error cutting with FireControl

I’ve been trying to upload a file generated with Fusion360 to FireControl. I keep getting the same validation error.

Just attempted to share a screen grab of the error message. It says “No Program Speed Found. This program will not be loaded. Please make sure you are using the latest Langmuir Systems approved Post Processor”

I went through all the video tutorials on site, followed the text recommendations, downloaded the newest version of FireControl and used FireControl-v1.6.cps when generating the gcode from Fusion360.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

When selecting your machine in the setup menu fusion 360 did you select the post processor?

Unless you set it up as a permanent preference you have to select it from the setup menu every time.

When I get to a computer I can screenshot where that selection is.

once you have installed the post process the option to pick it is here