Using sheetcam with langmuir systems table

I am familiar with another CAD program called Onshape and Fusion seemed to run opposite of what I am used to…thus, frustration ensued. I am now trying Sheetcam for my G-Code and I have to admit it is much easier to use than Fusion (for me, anyhow).

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I just downloaded my SheetCam and licensed it. I’m not getting the list of tools as the youtube video showed in basic 1. Is there someplace I need to load all the tools? We have the Hypothrem and would like the tool list. I got the screen that states license loaded successfully as well.


I’m getting this strange Mach small window popping up. What’s that all about do you know? I’ve gone through the basic video listed here and I’m not seeing anything talking about this small window. It won’t let me shut it down either. So far looks amazing based on Fusion!


You enter the tools yourself…I’m not home to look at my screen but there is three boxes on the left side of the screen I believe it’s the middle box the top icon you click on to add the tools in
So basically you can put the curve with your using the speed of inches per minute that you want to run and the gauge of material you’re using so you can set a different tool set for each thickness of material and type of material you’re using to very your speed

Also you can add them from the top of the page there are drop down menus that go across and I believe one of them says machine you can also add them up there

Here is a copy of the Tool Set that I made up for my Hypertherm 45xp. To load this tool set, open Sheetcam and click on File, then go down to open toolset and go to where you have it save from here and click on it and open the tool set and it should show up on the left side. Then go to File and down to Save Default Tool Set and click yes to overwrite. This tool set is based off of the Hypertherm manual and you can modify it from there.

Since this forum would not let me upload the tool set file because of the .tool file extension I renamed the file and added .dxf at the end of it. Once you save the file from this post, rename it and just remove the .dxf at the end of it and it will be ready to (2.8 KB)


I purchased some dxf files and when I load into Sheetcam I see alot of small v’s in green on the outside red line. No error messages. What does this mean?

I have an embroidery machine and I can purchase a file and bring into software and add names or whatever and save. I have fonts I can add for names too. Is there software for this process? I see folks that have personalized items and I’m not sure how this works in plasma world.


can you specify wich postprocessor you took ? there are a couple of them
mach3 , mach 3 without z , mach 3 whout scriber, etc,…


Hope to see a Corel based plugin or so ,…

also check galaad software for cnc ,

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Sheetcam is only for Post Processing, not design. The green lines are your tool path directions. Take some time and was some tutorials on Sheetcam, they are short and simple and tell you everything you need to know. The ones from ArcLight are probably the best, start with #1 below and work your way through them.

For the Post Processor setting in Sheetcam go to Options, Machine and then click on the Post Processor tab and select MACH3 PLASMA


Thanks Rusty. I’ve gone through the youtube videos. I have the settings the way they stated they should be and the post processor as MACH3 Plasma. I saw that in one of your posts since there’s a few Mach3 to select from.

I also heard back from SheetCam in UK about my mach window that keeps coming up. He told me to go to plugin and uncheck Mach3. I did that and it’s gone but I’m not sure we need that checked for our table. I will continue with the rest of the videos as well.

Thanks so much for getting me through this part and sharing your tools.


I just looked at my Sheetcam and that box under plugins us UNchecked also and everything has been working fine.

That tends to mean there is an issue with that spot on the line . Like something needs trimmed off or extended . I was taught to go back to the drawing program you are using zoom in on the area fix and save as rewriting over your old file than go back to sheetcam .click new job don’t save and import ur new drawing again . Go up to top I think it’s options than click plasma and put in your info …this works for me…I try to fix two or three issue at a time . This is common with bought files if they don’t come from another plasma operator

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There is a icon selection in Sheetcam that will show you where every problem exists with white dots. When this happens I have Sheetcam open on one screen and cad open on the other and you can fix them pretty quick.


Basic question. It asks what type of document do I want to save it as? Thanks

What a GREAT gift idea!! Love it GREAT JOB!! Cant wait to start using mine…if I can just get used to all the functions…I get frustrated.

I heard about sheetcam, but now just starting off, willing to try Fusion / mach 1st. Its ok to have 2 different programs & it wont mess with one another>

I am using Sheetcam almost exclusively, but still open up Fusion to look at things and I haven’t experienced any issues using both or having both on my computer.

Sweet and good to know. Thanks for your feed back. Mike in Orlando

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Anyone here use inkscape im new havent received table yet just wanna try the programs 1st fusion 360 is a nightmare. An if i understand it you can use inkscape then mach3 to cut???

You can use Inkscape as your design program and save the file as either SVG (better) or DXF (good). But you need to create the toolpaths & then the G-Code before you can have Mach3 take over.

Fusion 360 or Sheetcam for the toolpathing and G-Code generation and then to Mach 3 and the Crossfire.

So your workflow would be:
Design in Inkscape → Insert SVG into Fusion, create Toolpaths, Generate G-Code → Open .tap file in Mach3 & cut.

Or swap Sheetcam for Fusion. But you need Design, Toolpath definition, G-Code generation and machine control. Inkscape can do design, Mach3 can do machine control but you need another application to do the bits in between.