Using one computer for design and one for firecontrol

I would like to use my office desktop for my design using fusion, I also purchased sheetcam and would like to know if I can use it on the desktop and save the final nc file to the laptop

Yes you can. If you have a network with shared drives you can save the NC file to a shared drive & pick it up on the laptop. Otherwise, save it to a thumb drive and bring it to the laptop for use.


I have a network attached storage drive setup (NAS), I do my cad and post processing on my laptop, and the files are stored on the NAS. On the shopfloor I have a PC that’s used for the Crossfire and a Laser Engraver, it’s on the network so I can just access the files for cutting from there.


I design on an iPad and email my drawings to myself. I open the emails and save to a specific folder on my Windows laptop. Not fancy, but effective.

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