Using Arrange in F360 - Glitch?

I was playing around with a cut program that I had after I made some adjustments to the cutting tool, and the offsets for the pieces needed to be increased to .35. This caused my parts to not fit anymore in the work envelope. I kept increasing the size by .1 and all I needed was another .6 inch to get it to fit, which is still outside my ability.


When looking over the options on the arrange tool, on the objects tab, Objects selected by face, I changed that to Face Down, and the all fit in my original work envelope.

Seems to me that changing that option should not have mattered.

I have never used arrange, but I agree I would not think that would change anything. In fact I would have never even tried changing it due to that.

The difference could be that arrange starts to squash objects into one corner. When you mirror your objects by using the other face (unless the objects are symmetrical ) and arrange starts from the same corner it may stack differently enough not to fit an object it did before.

I remember when the whole version was available in beta with all the options, it worked so much better.

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I also saw that you can manually flip objects individually. Nice feature if you needed to have a reverse cut that Fire Control won’t do.