Using a Mac laptop

Does anyone use Mac for firecontrol and fusion 360, sheetcam etc…?
The Pc I bought for this table exclusively is so slow compared to my Mac laptop. Hoping to just ditch the pc and use the Mac for all.

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I use a Mac for affinity designer. l then run parallels to use sheetcam. I then run firecontrol with a windows laptop

If you don’t need it for 3D parts or some other reason, ditch fusion.

Firecontrol comparability is not up to date with the latest macOS though.

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Thanks, yeah I have no interest In using this for 3D work. Just so I understand, You still run firecontrol off your windows laptop, but do all designing from a Mac? How does it work with importing dxf files or dwg files?

I only use svg. My graphics program is configured perfect for accurate measurements in svg format. I don’t mess with dxf unless I absolutely have to. Svg is 10x easier and more portable.

Sheetcam is so easy to use and faster than fusion for creating tool paths, it’s worth buying a whole new computer or running parallels on the Mac with a windows license. Since you have to have the windows for sheetcam, just run firecontrol through windows to avoid the macOS compatable issues.

@TomWS helped me find a way to import and export dxf files in the correct dimensions, and it involves QCAD and Inkscape at times.

I’m proficient enough with my design program though that’s it’s faster and more reliable to just redraw things than try and convert. I draw almost all my own stuff. I’ve only used two pre-prepared files off Etsy. Even those I had to modify.


If I may ask, what Mac do you have and what version is it running?

2017 MacBook Pro. Latest OS. But I haven’t used it to drive the table in a while. I have a windows laptop for it that stays in the shop. So I can’t speak to firecontrol compatability

not sure if Langmuir has been able to update their FireControl to the latest operating system by Apple…

Any update on Apple compatibility? I just purchased a crossfire pro and have a 2021 MacBook air. Im looking at buying a windows laptop as it seems the software is not up to date with current Mac OS. Any advice and answers would be helpful.

AFAIK there are still compatibility issues with the new M1 processor. Haven’t seen any updates.

Even if it was compatible I would go for an inexpensive Windows box to run FireControl at the table. I have a 2015 Intel MacBook that I do for my design work but I still don’t want it out in my shop with all the smoke and dust etc. My son gifted me a pretty basic Lenovo that he was no longer using. Works fine and I’m not worried about wrecking it.


Just to add to last post on using a Mac. I am also using a 2015 Macbook. Had Bootcamp installed and am running inkscape and sheetcam thru that. I purchased a standalone PC box and monitor to have at the table to run firecontrol. I am very new to all of this and not very computer savvy so id chat with an apple person about the macbook air before going to far and ask its capability etc. Thats what I did.
Good luck.

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