Used IPT 60 hand torch's

I have ( 6 ) IPT 60 used complete hand torch’s. They all have been tested and working. Like I said USED. Some are cleaner then others. ( Non are junk ) They can be set up for most plasma cutters with the euro connector. I am offering them to Langmuir members first, before posting them on ebay. Members $85 + $12 shipping, this is less then you can buy a torch head alone for.

PM, email, call or text me if you want one and what plasma cutter its for or if you just want it for parts. This offer is good till 7/31/2020 then I will post them on ebay.

Dang, good deal. Too bad none are machine torches or I would jump in and buy one.

I hope you’ve had some takers.

Sorry no used cheap machine torch’s, only new ones.

Yup. I figured you would have said something if you did. I’ll be emailing you next week (in a few days) about some consumables and possibly August about a machine torch if I can swing it. I know you said that was when you expected your shipments in.