Use shim for drag tip?

I’ve run into conflicting information regarding using a drag tip on the plasma table and which shim to use. I am specifically looking for info on 3/8” or 1/2” material.


So why would you want to use a DRAG cutting tip on a CNC table?

Basically you can’t use a drag top it’s meant to space the torch already so the right answer would be no shim at all but only cutting by hand. Having the torch touch the material is not good for the CNC table. you’ll be looking to get some regular consumables for your torch.

I think your using the Razorweld 45 just buy the 1.0mm/50 amp consumables. 3/8" is doable 1/2" Very slow if at all.

Or are you still trying to use the S45 consumables on your IPT torch?

The reason I asked is that I see drag tips listed on the cut sheet in this forum. Does anyone have a link to purchase 1.0 tips? Was asked to cut a tractor part from the 1/2”, said I’d give it a try.


Or you could use these un-shielded in 1.0mm/50 amp

The cut sheet is user-reported so it reflects what people have done - not always best practice but it does show what has worked for someone :slightly_smiling_face:

Drag tips are already built so the actual tip orifice is the correct (thin shim) distance from the material so you can rest it directly on the sheet and cut. If you shim it again in the table you’re at a higher height than is optimum for cutting. But you want some space when used on a table because of the potential to hit tip-ups if you don’t have some room. So you use standard tips on a table and drag tips for hand cutting.

Thanks for the explanation. 1.0 drag tips were all I had on hand, but managed to cut a part from 1/2 steel fairly well.

So drag tips or standoff tips?

Drag tips will only cause you greif. snagging and ruining metal in my opinion.

Great thanks I need to order more tips and want to make sure I make the right choice thank you.

your welcome. drag tips are great for hand cutting. on a cnc any warps or most anything will cause them to move your material and ruin it.

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