Uploading files to firecontrol

I have my new xr table assembled, wired, and ready to run. However, I can’t figure out how to get a file from my email, to load in firecontrol. What is the sequence of events required to do this? Is there a video available? tia

What kind of file are you trying to load?

Firecontrol can only use G-code files that were made with the Firecontrol post processor and have the .NC or .tap file extensions.

In the upper left of Firecontrol there is a " load program" line with two arrows next to it. Clock on the arrow on the right and a file explorer window will open. Navigate to your cut file and open it

I have files from inkscape i drew when i was using a ‘go flub’ table…

You’re going to have to post process them into G-code with Fusion or Sheetcam.

You can’t just load DXF or SVG files into Firecontrol.

Just to get you started, if you post the file I (or someone else) would be willing to generate the proper file but we would need what settings you would put for kerf width, pierce height, cut height, cut speed, sideways compensation, lead-in/ lead-out and pierce delay.

Those are the actual values you will need to tell SheetCAM or Fusion 360 to post process the file.

After all that, FireControl is fairly straight forward.

Edit: If you don’t know your settings, you might want to do some test cuts. FireControl will generate a line and allow you to pick the speed. This might help you get in the ball park. If you check online for your plasma machine, you can get some ideas of everything I listed except for the leading/lead out.

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As the others have said, sounds like you missed a step: generating your G-Code used by Fire Control. Langmuir has a really good explanation of the workflow for going from sketch to cutting:

Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems

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Thanks for all the reply’s. I’m learning Fusion 360 now…


Let us know if you have any questions. If it still pertains to getting a file to FireControl we can stay on this topic/thread. If it is more specific to using Fusion 360, you might start another topic in the Fusion category. Lots of help here and people are happy to help.

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