Upgrading to a Hypertherm 45XP

Hello All,
I am looking at upgrading my current plasma cutter to a Hypertherm 45XP. I plan to order one with the CPC port and a machine torch; is there anything else that I would need to hook this up to the Crossfire Pro?

The salesman asked if I needed the on/off remote pendant. I assume it is not required - can someone please confirm if it is required.


A Hypertherm Powermax 45XP equipped with a CPC port and a machine torch meets the compatibility requirements to use our CPC cable that directly interfaces the Torch On/Off port of the electronics enclosure and the VIM box of the THC system. I’ve linked our CPC cable’s store link below.

A remote pendant is not required, though is nice to have if you will not also get a hand torch for your Powermax 45XP setup. The remote pendant is just a button that you can press that fires the machine torch independently from the CNC machine.


if you are only going to use this for your pro table…then this is a good setup…but if you plan to do any manual hand cutting…a hand toch is very nice to have.

As usual, toolboy hits it on the head. Tho if you’re keeping the previous cutter for handwork then no need for the hand torch.

I have a powermax 65 that I bought for hand use, then added the machine torch but I find I still use the hand torch a fair amount.

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dang…now I can not get me head through the door…hehehehehe

Here is a link to the Powermax 45XP sales brochure .

Attached a clip of all the model ways and thier Order numbers

For myself I would buy the 45XP model 088121 with CPC port and a machine torch 25’ .

Also order this from langmuir to go with that machine torch.

machine torch mount

I ended up buying a 85XP


Just to tag along here…new to all this
I bought a new Hypertherm 45xp with 50’ hand torch and CPC port.
I’m getting ready to order a machine torch and cable mentioned above for it as well. When everything arives, I’m plug and play correct?
I assumed I would be able to just switch torches around when I need to hand cut things…plug in back into the CFPro for CNC jobs.

Am I good?

I actually have a cpc cable for the pro. I won’t be using… I could make a deal

I’m interested