Upgraded plasma unit

Looking for a plasma unit upgrade that can cut 1" + thickness and still work with the XR controls.

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It may help with you let us know what you currently have as Plasma Cutter. Then others can match it up for you.

How much 1 inch do you plan to cut?

We have an old plasma unit that will cut up to 1-1/4" thk. We would like to cut our balance weights that would consist of various radiuses. Weight example 20" outside radius with 17" inside radius with a 15 degree arc.

I would say cycle time is what you need to watch for. My hypertherm 65 will cut 1 inch. The duty cycle limits cut time. I also have the rw45 I have made a few pieces out of 3/4 I did inside cuts hit pause let machine rest then cut the outside. I have seen videos of 1 in cuts with the rw45.

I am sold on hypertherm myself. Just look for a machine with the duty cycle you need.

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Yes I’m looking at the Powermax 105 SYNC now. do you know if the XR can handle this unit, assuming the torch cable will be larger and heavier.

That I can’t say. Maybe someone may know. I am sure you can look up weights…

I have heard of people blowing holes on their water pans. If you will be doing a lot of heavy cutting you may want to put tile or something under the slates where you will be cutting

Good idea. Thinks for your help!

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Yes, it will handle it just fine.

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Great thanks!

on the langmuir main site under the support page there is a section to help you…XR question…asking a XR question before you buy…