Upgrade of 2023 Crossfire

This is likely addressed in a different post but I’m going to put it out there anyway.

I have a crossfire a few months old,having good luck with it.Running into some issues with warped and uneven metal.Torch crashing and messing up cuts,along with tons of wasted metal

Is it worth my money and time to buy and install a Z-Axis upgrade? Will it actually help with these issues like it outlines in the instructions.

oh hell yes…
IHS and the water table are an amzing part of the tables.
the water table helps prevent warping , if you want try a spray bottle of water to help cool the metal.
The THC will raise and lower the torch when the metal does warp…heck you can even cut corrogated metal with it…

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Yeah I have the water table and it makes a big difference.Just getting tired of wasting material every time I cut a new design.Just looking for something more just looking to see if Z axis is a practical solution.

Z axis is useful, but only if you also have THC, in my opinion. It’s not like you’ll change your cut height in the middle of a run UNLESS the material or table is skewed somehow and only dynamic changes provided by THC can provide that.

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I would not have bought a table without it!