Upgrade motion controller board?

Hi guys,

Was just wondering if it’s possible to upgrade my legacy motion controller board to the newer white one that is compatible with FireControl?

And if so, how much does it cost? I don’t see it listed on the Langmuir website, I guess would have to contact them directly to get one.


you can only do that by buying the complete TC upgrade…with the new box…

You can do it. As toolboy said it requires a new control box. Before I bought my pro I was looking at a used XL. I wanted to have the z axis and THC so I looked into the cost for the changeover. At the time it was around $800 with the z axis and THC

Edit: it’s in the store here: $750

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Thanks guys. So I guess it only works with their Z axis motor and THC setup. I already have my own setup with Z and THC just wanted a simpler controller.

Question about the motion control board, is it possible to buy a new board if i already have the new white one as well as just the THC board. I only ask because i have some power issues here at times and like to have spares on hand.
Any idea on how much ?

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The control board is proprietary and will only drive/control their z-axis/thc setup. The board in the original crossfire table was pretty much an off the shelf board.

if you have power issues why not get a decent UPS box to plug the control box into…a good UPS will act as a power buffer to smooth out dirty power…

My power isnt dirty, meaning no spikes and such but sudden cut off and right back on then off then on again in a few seconds. This process has already taken out 3 tvs, a central a/c compressor, and 2 sump pumps. Seems to be a neighborhood problem they cant find the cause of.

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this is why a UPS would be good for certain equipment…depending on the size the UPS will provide uninterrupted
power…seamless power during these short outages,


Surge suppressors at the Service Panel. Will work wonders on those transients.

I had to replace the Heat Pump on my workshop after a lightning storm. Did all of the heat pumps circuits at the site, haven’t had a problem since. Lots of outtages but no failed electronics. Power company even offers a module that sits between the meter and it’s socket. Easy to install, and can’t get any closer to the source of the problem.