Updated Compatability List

Plasma manufacturers/suppliers change product model numbers as fast as car dealers product models.

Langmuir, looking forward, could you please update your Compatability List at a minimum of once a year please?

in order to get Langmuir’s attention…you need to include them…

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What model numbers did you notice change?

What equipment do you think should be added to the list?

I’m just curious if you had an example.

This is definitely something we should revisit as its been a while. We will have someone go through the manufacturers and update this list soon. If there are some you notice we do not have, please mention it here and we will update sooner.

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@langmuirsystems Send me an XR and I’ll gladly update the list for you …hell, I’ll even extend the shop to house the XR! :beers: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hypertherm has new models. Powermax 45 XP, Powermax 65 SYNC, Powermax85 SYNC, Powermax105 SYNC
Hypertherm has stopped production on Powermax 30, 45, 65, 85, 105
Everlast has new models. 51i, 102i, 62i, 82i, 25i
All other models of Everlast have stopped production
Razor weld 60

Just to help you out a little

Probably want to keep the units that have stopped production. As new ones come on board, old ones get ‘handed down’…


Up here in Canuck land (Canada) Pro Point Plasma Cut 45 sold at Princess Auto.
Identical to the Razorweld 45 in every respect except the badging and the plug and plug and play torch fire cord.

hello fellow Canuck!
I am in Ottawa…drop me a line if you ever need help…

Thanks for the offer! Will do. I’m in Edmonton

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I agree but the consumables seem a bit different than Hypertherm. I just bought original electrodes and tips at Linde cheaper than PA.