Upcycling Dish Antenna to Touchscreen Monitor Mount

Here I use an old Dish Network Antenna to make a touchscreen mount for my Crossfire Pro.


Very nice project. Can you post a link of the computer you bought? And the monitor?

YouTube video description

Mini Computer - Beelink New 11 Generation Intel N5095

1080p GA-HDMI-USB Touchscreen LED LCD Monitor

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cool thanks.

I bought the exact same monitor last month.

But for some reason when I have it plugged in I have electromagnetic interference issues. Lol. That likely the three prong plug of the monitor causing me issues.

No problems with mine and I’ve given no attention to wire routing or anything. In fact, I have the mini computer shoved underneath the plasma torch handle. Dumb luck I guess.

@TinWhisperer i have wondered if how some shops are wired makes a difference as to effects from the ground plug being present. Just because codes exist have seen all kinds of differences in wiring especially wifh grounding and bonding. Just have often wondered if this is why some people have issues and others have none.