Unsupported GCode Command - Solved - Rule applied that turned THC off in sheetcam, not recognized

Getting the message in the subject line when I try to open a tab file from Sheetcam into Firecontrol. Running fc 20.6.2 and the post file named: FireControl-v1.6.scpost Error is being reported on line 66 in the following gcode: This is my first attempt with new everything. Have been successful with manual line cut using THC. My searching indicates that this probably has something to do with THC. (line numbers added after the fact in wordpad for reference)

Thanks in advance!

  1. (v1.6-sc)
  2. G90 G94
  3. G17
  4. G20 (Units: Inches)
  5. H0
  6. G0 X0.6496 Y2.5088
  7. G92 Z0.
  8. G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
  9. G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
  10. G92 Z0.0
  11. G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
  12. G92 Z0.0
  13. G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
  14. M3
  15. G4 P0.5
  16. G1 Z0.06 F150.0 (Cut Height)
  17. H1
  18. G2 X0.6456 Y2.5417 I0.1213 J0.0315 F110.0
  19. G1 X0.6483 Y2.5669
  20. G2 X0.6588 Y2.5967 I0.1185 J-0.0248
  21. G2 X0.6767 Y2.6225 I0.1012 J-0.0512
  22. G2 X0.6989 Y2.6407 I0.0754 J-0.0696
  23. G2 X0.7225 Y2.6507 I0.0476 J-0.0787
  24. G2 X0.747 Y2.6537 I0.0227 J-0.0845
  25. G1 X1.1468 Y2.646
  26. G3 X1.1814 Y2.6793 I0.0007 J0.034
  27. G1 X1.1871 Y2.9723
  28. G3 X1.1538 Y3.007 I-0.034 J0.0007
  29. G1 X0.8889 Y3.0121
  30. G1 X0.8693 Y3.0143
  31. G2 X0.8477 Y3.0223 I0.02 J0.0871
  32. G2 X0.8256 Y3.0382 I0.0458 J0.087
  33. G2 X0.8066 Y3.0623 I0.0758 J0.0794
  34. G2 X0.7942 Y3.0923 I0.1025 J0.0598
  35. G2 X0.7902 Y3.1252 I0.1213 J0.0315
  36. G1 X0.7929 Y3.1504
  37. G2 X0.8034 Y3.1803 I0.1185 J-0.0248
  38. G2 X0.8213 Y3.206 I0.1012 J-0.0512
  39. G2 X0.8435 Y3.2242 I0.0754 J-0.0696
  40. G2 X0.867 Y3.2342 I0.0476 J-0.0787
  41. G2 X0.8916 Y3.2372 I0.0227 J-0.0845
  42. G1 X1.1581 Y3.2321
  43. G3 X1.1928 Y3.2654 I0.0007 J0.034
  44. G1 X1.2013 Y3.7035
  45. G1 X1.204 Y3.7287
  46. G2 X1.2145 Y3.7586 I0.1185 J-0.0248
  47. G2 X1.2323 Y3.7844 I0.1012 J-0.0512
  48. G2 X1.2546 Y3.8025 I0.0754 J-0.0696
  49. G2 X1.2781 Y3.8126 I0.0476 J-0.0787
  50. G2 X1.3012 Y3.8156 I0.0227 J-0.0845
  51. G1 X1.3208 Y3.8134
  52. G2 X1.3423 Y3.8054 I-0.02 J-0.0871
  53. G2 X1.3644 Y3.7895 I-0.0458 J-0.087
  54. G2 X1.3834 Y3.7654 I-0.0758 J-0.0794
  55. G2 X1.3958 Y3.7354 I-0.1025 J-0.0598
  56. G2 X1.3998 Y3.7012 I-0.1213 J-0.0315
  57. G1 X1.3771 Y2.5304
  58. G1 X1.3744 Y2.5052
  59. G2 X1.3639 Y2.4753 I-0.1185 J0.0248
  60. G2 X1.3461 Y2.4495 I-0.1012 J0.0512
  61. G2 X1.3238 Y2.4314 I-0.0754 J0.0696
  62. G2 X1.3003 Y2.4213 I-0.0476 J0.0787
  63. G2 X1.2757 Y2.4183 I-0.0227 J0.0845
  64. G1 X1.1758 Y2.4203
  65. M67 E0 Q10 (DTHC OFF)
  66. G1 X0.7443 Y2.4286
  67. G1 X0.7247 Y2.4308
  68. G2 X0.7031 Y2.4388 I0.02 J0.0871
  69. G2 X0.681 Y2.4547 I0.0458 J0.087
  70. G2 X0.662 Y2.4788 I0.0758 J0.0794
  71. G2 X0.6496 Y2.5088 I0.1025 J0.0598
  72. H0
  73. M5
  74. G4 P0.5
  75. G0 Z1.0
  76. G0 X1.0812 Y1.7828
  77. G92 Z0.
  78. G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
  79. G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
  80. G92 Z0.0
  81. G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
  82. G92 Z0.0
  83. G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
  84. M3
  85. G4 P0.5
  86. G1 Z0.06 F150.0 (Cut Height)
  87. H1
  88. G1 X1.5955 Y1.21 F110.0
  89. G1 X1.5783 Y0.7231
  90. G1 X1.1159 Y1.2338
  91. M67 E0 Q10 (DTHC OFF)
  92. G1 X1.0746 Y1.2795
  93. G1 X1.0812 Y1.7828
  94. H0
  95. M5
  96. G4 P0.5
  97. G0 Z1.0
  98. G0 X0.3474 Y1.228
  99. G92 Z0.
  100. G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
  101. G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
  102. G92 Z0.0
  103. G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
  104. G92 Z0.0
  105. G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
  106. M3
  107. G4 P0.5
  108. G1 Z0.06 F150.0 (Cut Height)
  109. H1
  110. G1 X0.8779 Y1.7858 F110.0
  111. G1 X0.8701 Y1.2824
  112. G1 X0.4044 Y0.797
  113. M67 E0 Q10 (DTHC OFF)
  114. G1 X0.3505 Y0.7408
  115. G1 X0.3474 Y1.228
  116. H0
  117. M5
  118. G4 P0.5
  119. G0 Z1.0
  120. G0 X1.3005 Y4.1408
  121. G92 Z0.
  122. G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
  123. G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
  124. G92 Z0.0
  125. G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
  126. G92 Z0.0
  127. G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
  128. M3
  129. G4 P0.5
  130. G1 Z0.06 F150.0 (Cut Height)
  131. H1
  132. G3 X1.2977 Y4.1461 I-0.0312 J-0.0135 F110.0
  133. G3 X1.2196 Y4.2301 I-0.2956 J-0.1963
  134. G3 X1.2144 Y4.2334 I-0.0209 J-0.0269
  135. G3 X1.0493 Y4.2848 I-0.2268 J-0.438
  136. G1 X1.0485 Y4.2849
  137. G1 X1.0187 Y4.288
  138. G3 X1.0127 Y4.2881 I-0.0035 J-0.0338
  139. G1 X0.9828 Y4.2858
  140. G1 X0.982
  141. G3 X0.8155 Y4.2392 I0.0475 J-0.4909
  142. G3 X0.8101 Y4.236 I0.0148 J-0.0306
  143. G3 X0.7298 Y4.1543 I0.2095 J-0.2864
  144. G3 X0.7267 Y4.1491 I0.0278 J-0.0196
  145. G2 X0.6972 Y4.1301 I-0.0299 J0.014
  146. G2 X0.6673 Y4.1483 I-0.0004 J0.033
  147. G3 X0.6584 Y4.1594 I-0.0304 J-0.0152
  148. G2 X0.4689 Y4.5171 I0.3313 J0.4046
  149. G2 X0.5905 Y4.9018 I0.5208 J0.0469
  150. G2 X0.6372 Y4.9274 I0.0689 J-0.0703
  151. G1 X1.0249 Y4.9213
  152. G1 X1.4124 Y4.9162
  153. G2 X1.4584 Y4.8893 I-0.0249 J-0.0952
  154. G2 X1.5725 Y4.5621 I-0.4088 J-0.3261
  155. M67 E0 Q10 (DTHC OFF)
  156. G2 X1.5689 Y4.5012 I-0.5229 J0.001
  157. G2 X1.3691 Y4.1492 I-0.5192 J0.0619
  158. G3 X1.3599 Y4.1383 I0.0208 J-0.0269
  159. G2 X1.3295 Y4.1209 I-0.0291 J0.0156
  160. G2 X1.3005 Y4.1408 I0.0014 J0.033
  161. H0
  162. M5
  163. G4 P0.5
  164. G0 Z1.0
  165. G0 X0.8665 Y0.821
  166. G92 Z0.
  167. G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
  168. G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
  169. G92 Z0.0
  170. G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
  171. G92 Z0.0
  172. G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
  173. M3
  174. G4 P0.5
  175. G1 Z0.06 F150.0 (Cut Height)
  176. H1
  177. G1 X0.855 Y0.0857 F110.0
  178. G3 X0.9481 Y-0.0335 I0.1121 J-0.0084
  179. G3 X0.9587 Y-0.0337 I0.0058 J0.0335
  180. G3 X1.0551 Y0.0828 I-0.0159 J0.1113
  181. G1 X1.0648 Y0.8181
  182. G1 X1.8846 Y-0.0053
  183. G3 X1.9427 Y0.0184 I0.0241 J0.024
  184. G1 X1.9566 Y1.55
  185. G3 X1.9474 Y1.5736 I-0.034 J0.0003
  186. G1 X1.4962 Y2.0544
  187. G3 X1.8978 Y2.6716 I-0.5774 J0.815
  188. G3 X1.8984 Y2.6783 I-0.0333 J0.0067
  189. G1 X1.902 Y4.5258
  190. G3 X1.902 Y4.528 I-0.034 J0.0001
  191. G3 X1.0325 Y5.3806 I-0.9103 J-0.0586
  192. G3 X1.0304 Y5.3807 I-0.0015 J-0.034
  193. G3 X0.1367 Y4.5535 I0.0145 J-0.912
  194. G3 X0.1366 Y4.5512 I0.0339 J-0.0032
  195. G1 X0.0869 Y2.7044
  196. G3 X0.0874 Y2.6977 I0.034 J-0.0009
  197. G3 X0.471 Y2.0691 I0.9844 J0.1694
  198. G1 X0.0061 Y1.6015
  199. G3 X-0.0038 Y1.5782 I0.0241 J-0.024
  200. G1 X-0.034 Y0.0469
  201. G3 X0.0234 Y0.0216 I0.034 J-0.0007
  202. G1 X0.4565 Y0.4322
  203. M67 E0 Q10 (DTHC OFF)
  204. G1 X0.8665 Y0.821
  205. H0
  206. M5
  207. G4 P0.5
  208. G0 Z1.0
  209. M5 M30
  210. (PS110)

M67 appears to be for synchronizing an analog output control. I don’t think this is necessary as Firecontrol is what controls the THC I believe. There don’t appear to be any special THC commands in the Sheetcam gcode files I’ve postprocessed.

Thanks! Problem partially solved: I deleted the 4 instances of that code line and the file cut successfully. I’d still like to explore why I’m getting those lines in my code.

I’d verify Sheetcam is using the correct post processor, and if it is, delete and reinstall it.

If it’s not, just make sure you load the correct one in Sheetcam.

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Problem seems to be completely solved now. The issue appears to be that instead of writing my own tool library in sheetcam, I shoplifted one for another machine and modified to the cut60 chart in the manual. What I didn’t see were some underlying rules that imported as well, which were causing the issue. Now that I’ve run trial cuts to determine my kerf widths and built my tool library from scratch, the issue is completely resolved. Thanks for the help.

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Ha! Excellent.

Feels great when you get it running right after a problem like that doesn’t it? I know when I had a CAM issue happen to me I was just glad it was my fault and not something that might crop up again at random.

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Can you describe the rules that caused this? I’ve been updating post titles with their solutions to track solved issues.

Under Rule EOCAnti-Dive, which was under the always applied rule sets, the rule stated:

.565 in before end set feed to 100% and output code: DTHC-OFF

Thanks man.