Unrepeatable / Inconsistent Cuts

Hello All!

In the picture, I have three pieces cut. The first piece cut perfectly, on the second you can see it is a little close to the right, but not unusable. The third piece cut is very off. These were all cut in the same “row”, one right after the other. I have a picture from the plasma table with two other failed cuts, all of the failed cuts are different. I cut on the same sheet before with other pieces and had no problems.

I tried new consumables, changed the beads in the 3-stage air dryer, new .nc file, and all my rails are clean and unimpeded.

Has anyone run into this same problem? I am at a loss for what could be causing this and need to consult the hivemind! Any ideas are welcome!

Looks like a coupler slipping, losing steps as cut progresses. Check lead screw couplers on y axis and X axis. Put a paint mark on lead screw and coupler and do a cut, if marks are not still aligned tighten coupler.


I agree with rat. Couplers or lost steps on the X axis. Y seems fine. (if the picture is oriented left/right as X axis, opposite if it’s the Y axis oriented left/right)


Would’ve stopped at the first sign of an issue; DON’T WASTE STEEL.

Loose coupler.