Unexpected result in SheetCam

In the screen capture, you will see that I selected “Specified Position” in the drawing options window that appeared when I imported a DXF. I located my part in the CAD program at the 0,0 point or lower-left corner.
I expected the part to be placed .20 in the X and Y but it put the part at the 0,0 sheet origin just the same as it would have had I selected the lower-left corner in the Drawing Position grid section.
When I shifted the part over .20 in both the X and Y, SheetCam still loads the part on the X & Y zero point.
I was able to change the origin to X .20 Y.20 in my Cad drawing and then select Drawing origin in the Sheetcam with expected results. I don’t get what the Specified Position option does.


I tried to re-create what is described above and came up with the same result…


I moved the specified location up to 5in. Anything under that moved it back to 0,0…


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Considering you were able to duplicate it, I’d say yes, it is a bug. I just have to work around it on the Cad side.