Unboxed but now I'm confused

the online instructions don’t seem to match what I received, so it looks like it’s more closely related to the old outdated archived instructions to the non pro machine. so… I guess there was never instructions for the pro version?

was there any details instructions for the old pro version

serial 14900

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The Pro instructions are here https://www.langmuirsystems.com/pro/assembly What looks different from what you received? The leveling feet don’t look like the illustration, but that is the only thing that should look different from what’s in the box.

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yea I got the old leveling feet, no casters, I guess I got unlucky on that one. the leveling feet inserts are like made of tinfoil… not going to work very well.

I usually stop right away when the instructions don’t match what’s in the box. it usually means mistakes were made.

so your saying they just ship it and then wait for people to ask questions after they are confused, got it.

That’s not the case. I know for sure they had a full assembly manual before shipping and at least one of the more experienced folks here who got it in the initial shipments provided pretty detailed input that got reflected in updates to the instructions.

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The Pro does not come with casters. The illustration in the instructions is not meant to be an exact picture of what you receive. The included leveling feet work just fine.

I get that you’re frustrated, but how on earth you came to this conclusion is interesting. If you’re averse to seeking out information, find a new hobby, this one will require a lot of work.

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The CrossFire PRO machine has always included leveling feet, it has never included casters. The leveling foot inserts in the diagram do not look exactly like the ones included with the machine, they are just a representation.


I was on this page…


I saw this big warning… so I headed off into the old instructions

the old instructions + old video actually had the matching feet I received. but then other things were off. So… I was confused.

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I believe the insinuation is that for $18,000 you can get a cnc plasma table with dumbed down instructions, 24/7 India support, and a picture book instruction manual. $3000 is a steal for the quality Langmuir is pushing out, but it does require some “figure it out”.

What I see is a very active company that listens to customer feedback to improve their product. Sometimes the improvements don’t show up in the book.

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You’re using the wrong instructions. the ones you linked are for the regular crossfire NOT the Pro, so yeah they are totally different as far as assembly is concerned.

Did you purchase the Pro or gen2 crossfire? It could be you’re confused as to which one you purchased.


It looks like you’re trying to use the CrossFire (2x2 machine) instructions to assemble the CrossFire PRO (4x3 machine). I’ve linked the CrossFire PRO assembly instructions below, use this guide instead!


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You’re exactly correct

yes for some reason I must have clicked the wrong link when I was getting started… making progress now…

does not matter the Razorweld Razorcut 45 are still not shipping from March orders. it will happen hopefully eventually.