Unaligned left and right bearing

hello, finally got my crossfire pro. its one bad m/f if i might add.
anyways im in the process of tweaking it. my problem right now is zero-ing the axes. when i put the torch all the way to the end towards me, the left gantry bearing touches the end of the metal 1st. the other right gantry is about 1/2 in off. i turned the motor manually to get it to hit the end and press “zero all axes” i then bring up the torch up and down and noticed that one motor moves 1st , i then proceeded and pressed “go to my XY zero” tab and it still does the same. how do i get it to align with each other.
i used a empire aluminum square when i assembled it together,
thnx in advance

The motors should move simultaneously, even if you did somehow not get it square enough, which it appears you at least attempted. I’m betting it’s an electronics/controller problem. I’m sure someone who knows what’s going on will chime in.

can you post a picture please…
forgetting about the space at “zero”
do your motors move at the same time and smoothly when you travel across the Y axis?

do not turn your motor to get the gantry to touch at each riser plate…you are putting tension on the drives and screws…

if everything travels smooth and the only problem is the ganrty not touching the riser plates on each side…your table is not square…

finally got to work on it, have been busy with work. anyway figured out that the X axes was basically were not tight enough on one side. retightened all the bolts and its now even. thnx for the reply
heres a pic of my table, not to fancy.