Unable to use Fusion 360 CAM to generate post

I have been practicing Fusion 360 CAD/CAM. I am able to simulate a cut in CAM. I have downloaded the “extra 2 programs” for Crossfire. What and how do I use this to generate a post?

We have a video coming out shortly (its been recorded and is being edited) that should explain this process! I’ll post an update here once its live.

The video is live, you can check it out on our tutorials page or on Youtube! It covers installation of the Mach3 Plasma Post configuration and post processing.



Watching the new post processing video, it appears as if I need to add Langmuir Systems as a new user in Windows 7. Did I miss some earlier video that shows how to create this user?

I never created a user called Langmuir Systems as shown in the video. Please help.

Langmuir Systems is our user name; your file path will be different. No need to create a new user called Langmuir Systems!

Ok. Thanks for that assurance.
When I opened Mach 3, I deleted 3 profiles according to the CrossFire Cutting Tutorial Part 1 “Installation and Configuration of Mach 3” leaving only the Crossfire-v1.1.
Stupidly, I deleted Crossfire-v1.1 from the Session Profile of Mach3 Loader.
How do I get Crossfire-v1.1 back into the Session Profile?

What is showing is “Default.xml”…

Download it again if need be or check your Downloads folder and redrag the Crossfile profile to where you had it before.

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Thanks for the help.

When I load the g code in Mach3, a window pops up and says "Path Generation – Please Wait …Generating Path. But the gcode shows up in Mach 3. Have I done something wrong?

Hi Doleslie,

Glad we were able to help. As for your current issue, you actually need to have your computer plugged into the Langmuir Systems electronics enclosure when running Mach3 in order to show proper toolpath generation. If you want to simulate your toolpath before receiving your CrossFire machine, we recommend using the simulation function in Autodesk Fusion.


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