Unable to cut 1/4" steel plate

hello all, I’m the classic nube and i just recently received my crossfire pro with the razor weld cut 45, today i made my first test cut on 1/2" plate its all had around because i didn’t want to mess up the new metal ive be stocking up on, anyway the fist cut was awesome so i thought until i looked at the bottom of the cuts plenty of crap on bottom. i decide to make a cut on some 1/4" steel thinking the would be a not brainer well i have not been able to punch a hole threw this steel it does have some surface rust but that shouldnt matter i think. the im running these settings in sheetcam

Name of tool -
type - plasma cutter
tool number - 1
Kerf width - 0.0591in
Feed rate - 20 ipm
pierce delay - .3s
Pierce height - 0.1181 in
plunge rate - 40 ipm
cut height - 0.0591
pause at end of cut -

any help is greatly appreciated

increase delay to 1.0 -.7
ipm should be around 47 ipm @ 45amps
Kerf should be around .057 or slightly less.

Looking like your delay is your problem. Make sure you have work piece clamp on the stock.
good luck and “Happy cutting”


Thanks cant wait to try this

In addition to @Bigdaddy2166 's recommendations, you should also increase the plunge rate. I believe Langmuir says it has to be a minimum of 50ipm so I (& many others here) go with 60ipm.

I have my plunge rate at 60ipm and speed at 28ipm at 45 amps. Any faster with mine the cut is crap.

Congrats on a fast build, you can’t be that newb!

Can you clarify… “not cutting”? Does torch fire? I second or third the pierce dwell time issue… you probably had it higher on the 1/2" cut?

There is a slight delay in plasma cutter for air solenoid to open before plasma fires. If XY motion starts before torch voltage is sensed, the pierce will fail. Increase to 1 sec and adjust from there.

(And make sure you clamped on)

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