Unable to align gantry

I have read all the other answers but still, the far end of my gantry is set with the 1/8th inch guide, but when moved close to the rail the guide is not even close to sliding under the holder. The arm is level on the top but it seems that the slats are different heights or the gantry when move to the far right sags. I have the water table and the THC (but not installed yet).

Welcome Jim!

Not to say this is the case, but I often see people rush their assembly (on FB group). Did you make sure your frame was squared up before torquing things down?

And when you say out of square, are you referring from left to right? I had that issue once but sitting up and supporting the gantry tube (once I achieved the desired height), I was able to tighten up and it held nice and square.

Not enough to loosen it, hold it by hand, and tighten it back up.

I have taken time. I can’t get the left end of the gantry high enough. I have watched the video many times. I loosen the bolts, slide the gantry to the right as they say. Then lowert the tool holder down to the tapered part, tighten the bolts and slide the gantry to the left. Half way there it hangs on the slats. The left side is at least ¼ inch lower than the right side. I am totally lost.

Post a video showing the problem if you can. you may need to put it on youtube then post the link.


I just wanted to post here so I can follow along once the set up is listed via video. I am still trying to wrangle the machine to get flat across all portions of the cut plates I will be putting on the slats.

I will update soon. Also, one thing that may help is this idea:

  1. Try furthest extents.
  2. Then, try just short of furthest extents.
  3. Next and also, try to level via shortest extents.

There is a cure. I am sure of it. So, I will follow along here and try to give some updates once I configure my machine to 99.99% satisfactory for the leveling procedure.


P.S. So, w/out my machine being level (for now), I am at a loss in giving full requirements of what may be needed but I am sure the more seasoned people in the forum can handle it better than I.

My issue is that…

  1. I already attached the lead screw and fastened it.
  2. I already attached both lead screws and fastened them tight.
  3. Now, I need to alter the build and retract my previous build set up.

If you are referring to the end closest to the Y axis rail as the left end, you seem to be doing it backwards.

That end is pretty much locked in place as far as height.

The other end is floating and can be moved up and down by adjusting the bearing blocks on the weldment.

I haven’t looked at the assembly instructions, but my knowledge of how things work tells me that you need to start from the left side. Set the torch mount a set distance above the slats and then move it out to the end and adjust that to match.

You will probably find that the left side has moved slightly, after moving the other end, so some minor adjustment will be necessary to make them match.

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That makes sense. I will try that and see. I guess I should not worry since I have the THC to install.

@ds690 ,

Seth here. Okay, first off. I cannot align the gantry…

  1. I put the X_Axis to its furthest extent on the middle of the build env. and dropped the plasma holder.
  2. Then, I put the 1/8" slat in between the plasma holder and the cross-slats.
  3. I then proceeded to move the gantry towards the Y_Axis, held-in-place section of the machine…

Before being able to get to the other side of the machine in the middle w/ the X_Axis, I was interrupted by the third cross-slat.

I am reviewing the video again and again to see if it is me or the machine alignment that is off. ha.

Anyway, I am off to test soon.


P.S. The video is here:

Forget it. I did it wrong. Blah. Off to retest. Okay, after studying the short video a bit, I have configured things properly.

Off to 1/16" next!

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