UK spec Plasma cutter

Hi folks. New here and just placed an order for a Crossfire delivered to the UK! Is going to be expensive by the time is landed here but I hope is worth it.

Anyone here from the UK uses the R-Tech p/cutters? I’m I right on thinking they the same with the USA equivalent of Everlast?
Specifically looking at this one. R-Tech

Do you guys see any issues using the above cutter?

Many thanks

DO NOT use high frequency start machines.

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Absolutely agree with this! You need what’s called Blow Back start system.

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Thanks Guys. I was aware of that and I din’t realise till now that this is a high frequency start machine :smirk:

Thanks for the advice to both of you.

You probably wouldn’t want that system anyway… it only cuts in millimeters :rofl:


:rofl: :joy: Funny :stuck_out_tongue: