Ugly Circles! Help!

Hey guys! Just getting started with this machine, I’ve only made 2 cuts so far. And made both the designs on F360. Everything looks ok with the designs and the cuts are actually decent but when I throw in any type of circles into the mix they come out misshaped ovals. There doesn’t seem to be any binding off the top.

Where do I start looking for issues? Thanks!

This was supposed to be 2 circles, basically a washer (just playing around I don’t actually need a washer lol)

That looks like coupler slip. Your square is not exactly square either. Check the couplers between the motor and the lead screws. Mark the motor shaft and the lead screw with a sharpie. Then jog the table around and see if the marks still line up.


your square looks un even…which points to the fact that your couplers would be loose…loose couplers do that…
then for cutting…clockwise for outside cuts and circles need to be cut counterclockwise and about half the speed of the outside cuts…


I tightened all the couplers and did notice some decent improvement! But still a little off, what should I try next?

I think they are still slipping. Did you mark them with sharpi markers then look after doing your cuts?

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I did, and I didn’t see any slipping. The marks are still lined up

Also any ideas how to get rid of the little tooth where it starts and exits?

there are a few possible causes of the little “tooth” it can be,
your kerf is not programmed properly or your lead in is not long enough if you are using a lead in or if you are not using a leadin it is simply from the torch eating away extra material while it is piercing, it can also be lack of a lead out. what happens in that situation is where the start of the cut in the circle occurs it is visited again by the plasma stream at the end of the cut…once again eating away extra material. it looks like you have a lot of space on the sqaure…you might try a longer lead in, adding a lead out. sometimes pictures are decieving…is the square actually square or is it not square?


It’s not perfectly square, it’s off by like .01. I thought machines with THC you couldn’t do lead out?

Lead out has nothing to do with thc as far as I know. Lead out simply allows you to extinguish the torch away from your cut line. I dont know the option in fusion but there is also something i do personally with nearly all of my work and that is enable a very small amount of overcut coupled with lead outs when it is important. @TinWhisperer can prob chime in and say what and where to enable the overcutting option in fusion. This can clean up circles a bit at times in my opinion as well.

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it is called finishing overlap in the 2d profile menu.

I do a small lead out of everything i cut


Have you double checked to make sure your table is square? Does your machine move freely? Maybe need some lube on the lead screws?

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@TinWhisperer I have started using them on geometrically important things any time I can. I know how much you love fusion but that is one big reason I like sheetcam is that I can utilize those lead ins and lead outs anytime i want and if they don’t fit they just get left off automatically. When I was trying to use fusion if I recall it would discard my loop completely if any of the cut parameters did not fit. I might be miss remembering though…that was a very traumatic time in my life trying to use fusion!! lol

lol. yes fusion can be trying…

but it is becoming better everyday with millions of users providing feedback.

Soon it will incorporate all the best parts of most other softwares.

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