Typical Delivery of Crossfire XL items

Well… impatient new guy… I ordered my Crossfire XL, with water table, limiting switch. XL kit and THC (Ordered separately) on Dec. 23, 2023. I have recieved all except the actual table. My water table came via UPS last Thursday marked package 1 of 1. My limiting switch came Sunday VIA USPS package marked 1 of 1. My XL Kit came last Saturday USPS package marked 1 of 1. My ‘SHOP’ tracking software still shows the four piece original order as ‘Partially Delivered’. I went to USPS and they say the do NOT have the table package itself, and I would assume the package may exceed the USPS allowances for size and weight both. I do not have access to any UPS tracking numbers etc. an anyone confirm that the table itself is shipped UPS and how can I get a traking number??

i posted this in the websites support forum and recieved a quick response. qll settled and understood.