Two items on a dxf file, how do I separate them to make multiples of one and not the other

I bought dxf files for a rack of bolt bins.

The file has the backing plate and one bin in it on one sheet.

My problem is I can’t figure out how to separate the bin from the backing so that I can make multiples of just the bin.


any chance you can post it here…I can try to pull it apart for you.

also what program are you using for design?

Fusion, AutoCAD, Solid Edge…

Can you draw a square around the backing and delete it? The original DXF will retain both. In Fusion anyhow. I have done it many times on DXFs with multiple things . If your using a different program than Fusion… Seek further advice.

Sorry, forgot to say using sheetcam

With the part in sheetcam go to the parts window in the upper left hand corner. Right click on the item then choose break up manually nested drawing. Then you should be able to highlight the piece you want to duplicate and make as many as you want.

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73…you are… awesome. It worked. Thank you sir (or ma’am)

No problem. Watch ALL the arclight dynamics videos on sheetcam. If you can watch it on a tablet and have it open on your computer, follow along. I still reference them from time to time. The best thing about all this Cnc stuff is you can learn something new every day if you want to. I guess sir would be the appropriate response but that makes me feel old. Lol