Two Computers with Fusion 360. Can they Share?

I have a Crossfire that I am still getting familiar with and and experimenting with my parts designs in Fusion 360. I have a desktop computer that I have the Fusion 360 program installed on with a “Startup License” and also a laptop computer at the actual Crossfire station with a Startup License.
My intentions are to create/design the parts to cut out using my desktop computer which is much more comfortable to sit at for longer periods of designing and using Fusion 360. Then I would like to save the work in Fusion as an ADMIN project. Next I would like to be able to open the project in my laptop, save it locally and then send to Mach 3 for cutting out with the Crossfire. Is this possible and ok to do?
Another question I have is when Creating a Setup in Fusion, will this info be saved in the Admin project (part design) I create on my desktop? Can this then be transferred to my laptop upon opening the project there in Fusion? What about the plasma cutting tool creation, tool path programming and post processing information? I am hoping that all this info is stored in the project and I can just open/save it on my laptop before importing into Mach 3. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thank you for your time!

Yes you can share it.

As long as you save things online then it all gets saved as part of your account. If you’re running disconnected (offline) everything gets saved on the machine you’re working on and won’t be seen on the other machine until you sync the first one online again.

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One thing I havent found to be able to share this way are the tool definitions. Seems to me like they should but I havent looked into where they are stored and why they aren’t shared. As far as design and setups, no problem they go where the part goes.

we have a number of computers with Fusion 360 installed on them (and a few chromebooks running the web version of Fusion 360). You just login and you have access to all your design files (.tap files or designs that you have saved locally to one PC will not be available on the other) but design file save to the cloud by default, so unless you go out of your way to save something on your local pc you should’t have an issue going between units… I use Google drive to transfer my .tap files from the Fusion 360 computer to the laptop that runs the Crossfire.


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Thanks for the replies. This is excellent news that the data is stored in the Fusion cloud. Hopefully the tool definitions will be shared as well. I’ll report any problems.


Tool definitions are stored as part of the project. You can save them into the library as well. I have pulled up parts in the background to transfer the tool defs over to a new part. As long as the part with the defs you want is open the first time you can use that def on the new part. When you save the new part the tool defs get saved with it and you can open it alone after that. Just a quick way to not have to remake settings.