Tuning for new lead screw upgrade

Sorry if this topic has been answered 1000 times. Im looking for some help on tuning mach3 and/or the crossfire box for a replacement lead screw. Im wanting to make my table bigger but i cant find the exact same spec lead screw as factory but longer. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

A few folks have extended their machines. Do a search on ACME screw and you should be able to find where they got their replacements. Also info on using larger diameter screws and changes for Mach if needed (not always required). The larger diameter ones are a good idea if you’re going to make the table significantly larger to prevent some of the whippiness in the smaller screws.

You should be able to find quite a few articles on the web for tuning Mach3 motor parameters. It’s pretty simple.

Really im hoping someone will chime in that has already done it then me and them can exchange numbers and actually talk to them about it person to person lol.