Trying to run break in

I’m trying to run the brake in program on my machine but it appears that it wants to go the opposite direction of the table how do I fix that. The blue line that is showing the direction that it wants to cut is going to the upper right hand side of the screen the red rectangle is in the lower right hand side I need help. I’ve tried to put a picture on but it won’t let me

What happens when you manually jog the machine does it move in the correct direction? Did you set your zero before trying to run the break in program?

If you are talking about “zero all work axles” yes everything is zeroed

And it will not manually allow me to jog the table

What does it do when you try to jog it? If you can’t do that it won’t run the break in so we have to solve that first.

Also, where was the torch head on the table when you pressed “zero all axes”?

For example, was it all the way forward and to the left?

I got it thanks to yall I was trying to start it in the wrong place thanks again

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