Trying to get Construction line to show up in a shop drawing (solved)

So I have 2 construction lines on my sketch to mark for some bends. When I go to create a shop drawing the lines don’t show up. Change them to regular lines and they still don’t show up.

I looked around and couldn’t find any info, any ideas?
WLC Better Design Hitch Drop v6.f3d (76.6 KB)

Construction lines don’t show up in manufacture. Here is 2 options…

  1. put in small circles and cut them away like picture. this is easiest way if you have bender.

  2. if you need relief cuts you use regular lines and cut sections out depending on strength your needing.


if solid lines don’t show up you might need to click on the eye seen in picture


To see the lines you will need to extrude a negative number like “-0.25”. That drops it below the sketch.
And you will need to have the sketch visible (the eye).

Here is with it changed to construction line:

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I guess I could just put a tiny circle like above and dimension off that.
Here is where I am trying to get the lines to show up.

WLC Better Design Hitch Drop Drawing v1.pdf (94.3 KB)

Once you get into relief cuts next will be learning about lead-in angles and pierce clearance settings. I’m sure @TinWhisperer has something out on this topic. The help he gives is awesome. There is a lot of great people that will help along this great hobby.


Don’t need relief cuts just need the lines to show up on the shop drawings

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ok…I only do hobby work so never need to transfer to PDF. I understand now what you want and someone will respond this morning.

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Sure lets take a look on the stream.

5 am mst

It is hard to keep my mouth shut without lips.

knick hitch example.pdf (123.4 KB)


Thank you Gentlemen!