Trying to download the drivers for FC?

so i got my new computer and im “trying” to download the drivers that is needed for the THC but when i follow the steps the CF does not show up. what am i doing wrong? this is a windows 10 if that makes any differance.

what does it show in firecontrol? only the crossfire is green on top right?

yes that is correct

ok, unplug the control box from the computer, download the manual thc drivers and install them, reboot computer, reconnect control box, then run firecontrol. It should show up green as well.

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let me go try it, thanks

that is what I thought I was doing above! so I wasn’t?

This is the driver you need.

yep that is what I down loaded. I was following the instructions 2 lines up from it.

Did you click on the downloaded file and install it?

ok but are you disconnecting the control box from the computer BEFORE you try to install the drivers? that step needs to be done.

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I downloaded them and unzipped the file put it on my desk top then went to the shop and the instructions say to plug the computer into the Box then install them in that spot in the above pic.

I am new to a pc I only know Macs

i’m tell ya, install them on the computer first then plug in the control box. for some reason it doesn’t work the way the instructions say.

also, unzipping them is not installing them, you still need to double click on the file after you unzip it to actually install the drivers.

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Do they go in the same spot where it shows Other devices then USBserial? I don’t need to see the Fire control like they say?

unzip, then doubleclick the install file. you don’t need to go into the control panel devices for anything.

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Those instructions are crazy. You should be able to unzip the file and double click on it and click “install” from the box that pops up.

AWESOME! thanks

thanks so much!

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I keep getting an error. I have rebooted, trashed the download re downloaded it and not sure what to do now.

are you running as an administrator? if not, that might be the issue.

I’m pretty sure I am!