Trying to decide on everlast size

Ill start of on saying my plasma experience is very limited. I have a crossfire pro table arriving soon and need to get a plasma ordered. I’m thinking about getting the Everlast 82i. all of my parts i will be making are mainly 1/8in %90 of the time. some 3/16in some 1/16in. in steel and alu.
I’m thinking having the 82 would allow me to do thicker plates if the need ever arises. but can it be dialed back to do a pc of 1/32?
At the moment the 62 is sold out,
So should i get the 52 and not think about thick plates
Or Get the 82 for a few hundred more

you can cut up to 3/16 with the 52…
the 82 is a large machine and major overkill for what you plan to cut…spend the money on a machine torch and hand torch…
I have the 62i and it is plenty machine…plenty…and I am cutting 3/16 no problem and heading to 3/8.


Yes the 82 is overkill for what I would be doing almost all the time. But can it be dialed back for the thin stuff. Or is it like trying to sign your name with a 4in paintbrush instead of a pen.
I would get the 62 if any were in stock. I also just realized I will have a bunch of 1/4in steel work to do. Will the 52 be up for that.

The 82i is a lot of plasma cutter. Most people that cut 1/2" or thinner use a IPTM 60 machine torch so the can get smaller consumables for say 18 gauge. The lowest amp consumable for the IPTM 80 torch is 1.0mm/50 amp so it won’t work well on say 18 gauge.

The 52i will work on metal up to 3/8" well but there is nothing like having a little more amps.

If you do not need it right now, I would wait till I could get the 62i CNC with the machine torch.


I think it really depends on where you see yourself going. I started with the Og table I started with the 50s. When I got the pro table and started making a lot of fire pits out off 3/16 running the machine at the full 50amps I never ran out of duty cycle with the cycle being under 10 minutes… Now I decided to make my table a full 4x4. First project I took on was a goblet fire pit with a program cycle I believe around 15 minutes. The machine ended up shutting down on me so I had to let it cool down for a bit before I could finish my cut.

I upgraded to the 82i so that I would have no issues running at 50amps 100% duty cycle. So far so good.

So if you in vision yourself moving up to a bigger table or cutting a lot of thick steel I would get the 62i or 82i

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