Trying to Create a drawing

So i’ve sketched up a design for a customer and im trying to send them a drawing view of it. when i load up my sketch into the drawing function of fusion360 the lines are all broken up and its hard to make out my design. Am i missing a simple button to change it back to solid lines?


You need to go into your sketch and change your lines from Construction to normal. Looks like you drew the whole project with the construction line toggle on (easy to do).Construct

Select all the lines then Click on the blue highlighted wedge to turn Construstion off.

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I wish it were that easy but its not that =/

Can you post a screenshot of the model page not the drawing?

Sketches in drawings will be shown as dashed lines. If you extrude the parts and build an actual 3d model of the design the lines in the drawings will show up as solid lines.

Here is just a sketch and how it shows up in the drawing:

Here is the same sketch but extruded to be a 3d solid and how it shows up in the drawing:

As far as I can tell there is no way in fusion to make the sketch lines show as solid lines in the drawing. This is common on many cad platforms.

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ah dang it, I’ve tried drawing a 3D ladder rack in the past with not much luck and a lot of frustration…

oh well…

thanks for the input guys