Trying first cut - LS-THC unit did not detect arc voltage

Trying to test a straight cut with Firecontrol on piece of scrap I get the error LS-THC unit did not detect arc voltage and only air fires (edit… Torch DOES fire but not move)… If I turn off THC it works fine. I have run the THC test and it passes most times but did fail once stating interference. Voltage has been anywhere from 5 -5.9v. I tried reading the troubleshooting guide but it is more targeted at the Crossfire Pro, so not sure exactly the best way to proceed.

Hypertherm 45 (NOT XP) with CPC port and T45m machine torch.
CPC cable from Langmuir is connected to CPC port and the barrel connected to the DIV input on the VIM box and the screw on connector connected to the TORCH ON/OFF port on the electronics box. NOTHING is connected to the THC port on the electronics box.
Work clamp is connected to scrap I am trying to cut.

@MartyY From what you’ve stated it sounds like you’re missing a cable. You need to connect the barrel connector side of the THC Output Cable (separate cable supplied in the THC Sub Box) to DIV OUT on the black VIM box and the 2 pin aviation plug side to the THC port on the elecronics enclosure. A picture of this cable for reference is below.


found the cable and that DID fix the issue. Thank you!

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